Stairs and railings

The staircase is becoming more and more important in the construction and decoration of a house. Little by little, it has become the central element on which the rest of the decoration of the house is based. Its design is worthy of a sculpture. It fits in with the architecture of the house while optimizing the space it occupies. Materials such as wood, steel, stainless steel or tempered glass, used alone or in combination with other components, make the staircase a unique element.

The design of the staircase has been revisited and now has more modern elements: self-supporting structure, without risers and horizontal balustrades. Even though wood and steel are still popular, glass is becoming more and more popular because it gives the impression of lightness so much sought after by many people.

The addition of railings adds a safety aspect to the staircase, as well as an aesthetic aspect. Whether it is solid, with horizontal or vertical bars, the railing can be declined in many designs.

Depending on the material used, the railing can also bring many other advantages. For example, aluminum is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Affordable, versatile, it has an impressive longevity since it is difficult to damage, and resists natural conditions.

Long used as a useful but discreet accessory, the staircase has become an integral part of the decoration and architecture of a house.